LEFTISTS have no hope left, so decided to demoralize ARMY

Why is army being targeted.

Is it because these people are jealous of its professionalism?

Is it because they are left with no other agenda to counter Modi and Army is the easiest target.

Is it because that these OLD FORCES have realised that they have no hope left and so have decided to become Jaichands and help enemy by demoralising the ARMY.

I personally feel that these OLD FORCES(SONIAS, LALOOS, MAYAWATI, LEFTISTS, RAJDEEPS, SAGRAIKA, BD) are quite capable of playing JAICHAND’S ROLE for the sake of POWER ;

One, Remember what Mani shankar Iyer said in Pakistan; AAP MODI KO HATHAYEN , and recently, Entire opposition wanted to have a Kashmir conclave alongwith Hurriyat. to force Govt to speak to Pak and seperatists.

Two, These are the same people who returned award but then had to cut a sorry figure,

Three, These are the same people who requested SC to convene the court at midnight to save a TERRORIST.

Four, These are the same people who mocked at Indian army’s claim of a Cross Border Strike.

Five, These are the same people who supported Kanaiya and Meherkaur.

Six, Finally these are the same people who could stoop down so low that they signed a letter requesting OBAMA to deny VISA to their own countryman.

The last hope they have to pin the current Govt down is the Kashmir issue, which is a complex problem inherited by the Govt.
And its here Indian army plays an important role. If its image is dented and the troops are demoralised and confused, the OLD FORCES know, they can have some thing up their sleeve against the Indian Govt.

But they are playing a dangerous game.

Its high time, that These Old forces are taught a lesson and they must be hounded on social media.

Secondly, we must always be watchful of people on social media who circulate ANTI ARMY write ups because that can be part of their evil design to carry out malicious campaign against army. So, without checking the authenticity we must not forward/ share and rather DEFRIEND such people so as to deny them the SPACE to carry out their PROPOGANDA.

– Col Neerav Bhatnagar‎



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