Once again London was attacked by Muslim terrorists. I don’t think so there is any major city left now which has not been attacked by muslim jehadis.

It does not matter which country they come from, but because the terrorists are able to strike repeatedly it shows that they have the capability to strike at will and also the human resource readily available to execute the strike.

The common factor in all the strikes be it in Kashmir, Pathankot, Paris, London, is that all the attackers were Muslims. It is increasingly becoming difficult for the Countries where there is a sizeable muslim population to protect their cities against the terror strikes.

In Germany a terrorist came with a huge truck and mauled down many innocent people , in London they came with long knives and slashed and cut the innocents. These attackers are cruel, barbaric and savage. But does it make any difference to them even if we criticise them because they are doing for the sake of their religion and they know that somewhere in the hearts of hearts the vast majority of their own community members do approve them and their methods.

The pattern of violence everywhere is same ; First drive out the Minorities and then get after the other sects of their own religion and put the blame on others in Kashmir it is India and elsewhere it is USA and West.

It would be damn stupid now to say that Indian muslims are different than Pakistani muslims because One, we also have our own terror companies ; Hijbul Mujahideen, SIMI , Indian Mujahideen, Indian Muslim and many have been caught who had joined ISIS ,

Two, Large number of muslims involved in terror activities were found to be HIGHLY EDUCATED and born and brought up in London.

Even the Brits were surprised with the involvement of English educated Muslim migrants in terror activities. India Today AUG 28 2006 article Young Angry Men revealed that one third of young men supported 7/7 UK Bombings.

It said ; What has shocked the Asian community in UK is that the suspects do not fit the classical description of a prospective terrorist-disgruntled youth, growing in dysfunctional families, bred in poverty and plagued by unemployment. Most of these young men came from respectable well-to-do families who were well educated and suitably employed. They were inspired by ideology rather than misled by ruthless political activists. At least eight suspects regularly went to Masjid-e-Umer in Walthamstow. Newspaper columnists, bloggers and radio listeners obsessively debated the question: How could young Muslim minds be so easily radicalised? Would they ever integrate into British society and become loyal citizens?

So, Will Indian Muslims be any different. Some politicians and pseudo secularists will like people to believe that.

Meanwhile in UK, Muslim leadership continued to accuse the government, media and Right-wing elements of anti-Muslim attitude. Labour MP Sadiq Khan said, “It is foolish to suggest or even expect us to go around defending government policy that is extremely unpopular in Muslim communitie and The London Mayor says ; “Thats the price one has to pay for living in a Big city “

Now if some one says that Islam is a religion of peace, i would take it with a pinch of salt.

When some call Democracy as Kurf meaning that they do not believe in Democracy and reject it but only superficially support it and exploit it inorder to achieve their aims of establishing Shariat.

How does one believe them when their Maulanas come on TV post terror strke and say ; THE TERRORIRTS ARE NOT MUSLIMS AND THEIR RELIGION ADVOCATES PEACE.

Many may criticise and say how can all be painted in the same brush, all muslims are not bad then one needs to listen to that US lady who when asked a similar question retorted ;

All Germans were not bad but even then Nazis carried out a massacre and the silent majority was irrelevant.
Saddam Used chemical weapons against its own people but the silent majority was irrelevant.

Mao got millions killed and the silent majority was irrelevant.
So, when innocents are being killed everywhere by the followers of one faith, the world leaders need to take notice of this and Stop this habit of being Politically correct.

These barabaric, cruel, savages can not blackmail the whole humanity .

They need to be taught to live in a heterogeneous, multi religious, multi ethnic society.

I think its high time that the mirror is shown to them and they be told in no uncertain words ;




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