We all creatures are made up of Samskrita!

I have often encountered a strange discussion whether Samskrita  is older than Tamil as a language. I too, have been dragged into this frivolous discussion in spite of my profound reluctance to join such a futile exercise.

Finally, as a measure of an educational exercise, I decided to expound my view-point once for all.

We all creatures are ‘Beings’ ‘enveloped’ within an ‘envelope’. This ‘envelope’ is the gross body, ‘enveloped’ is the subtle body and the ‘Beings’ are nothing but our innermost Self, the Soul. Gross body is constituted of five ‘Bhuta-s’ i.e. Prthvi (Earth), Jala ( Water), Vayu (Wind), Agni (Fire) and finally Aakasa (Space). These are the five elements that are fundamental / elemental in nature, constituting entire gross creation known to humanity.

Subtle body is blueprint of the Being, it’s past, present and future. It includes all it’s Karma-s too, and the roadmap to the ultimate salvation. Subtle body is constituted of seven Cakra-s and seventy-two thousand Nadi-s. These Cakra-s are the regional centres of Prana  and the complex labyrinthine of Nadi-s, passage-ways to facilitate flow of Prana  throughout the gross body.

Uninterrupted flow of Prana  throughout gross body through Nadi-s ensures, being remains a being and not a dead object. Seven Cakra-s are Sahasrara (on top of head), Ajna (between eye-brows), Visuddha (centre of throat), Anahata (centre of chest), Manipuraka (just above navel), Svadhisthana (just below navel) and lastly, Muladhara (just below the tail-bone). All features and components of the blueprint mentioned earlier, are neatly distributed among these seven Cakra-s with an amazing degree of finesse that is simply impossible without indulgence of the divine intelligence.

Dhvani (sound) of the entire Varnamala  i.e. alphabets of Samskrita  is distinctly and individually embedded deep within these seven Cakra-s. The sound of this, i.e. the Samskrita Varnamala  has been distinctly perceived / heard by innumerable realized, Brahmachari  saints who inhabited this divine land, known as Bharatvarsa (not India, of course !) all these years, since time immemorial.

Entire Dhvani  of Samskrit Varnamala  can be perceived distinctly by anyone by pursuing eight organs of Astanga Yoga  of Maharsi Patanjali. That ‘anyone’ may be any individual, Secular Ayatollahs and Benedicts included !! All other sounds in the world, of all languages and their alphabets, are merely derivatives / syntheses of one or more, of the Samskrita Varnamala, i.e. it’s Dhvani. There is no Dhvani  i.e. sound that ever existed in the cosmos since it’s creation, which is not included in Dhvani-s of Samskrita Varnamala.

Vyakarana  i.e. Grammer of Samskrita  language was enunciated by Maharsi Panini, an inhabitant of Gandhar, now in Afghanistan, in an intensive state of trance attained through profound Dhyana (meditation) when he was in direct communion with the Supreme Existence. The Vyakarana, beyond domain of human intellect, is so rich and intense that it mesmerises scholars of linguistics everywhere in the world.

So the means of communication that Samskrita  has been since infinity including it’s Vyakarana, has always been in the form of Sruti. Entire knowledge, entire wisdom used to be stored in the form of Sruti  and transmitted through Sruti  from generation to generation, Yuga  to Yuga.

So we all creatures are made up of Samskrita  !! Samskrita  is within us i.e. entire mankind and we all are in Samskrita  as well. We are born with Samskrita, we live in Samskrita  and we die with Samskrita  always in our subtle existence.

As soon as Atma  / Jivatma  came into being, Sruti  of Samskrita  came into being concurrently. No language, no means of communication anywhere in the cosmos has ever pre-dated origin of Samskrita. It is just impossible for any language to have come into existence before the advent of Samskrita  or without being a derivative of Samskrita Varnamala  and it’s Vyakarana.

The practice of writing came into existence much later. There have been claims that script of Tamil was the first one to come into existence. It may be true though I am not in position to declare that with authority as I am not a scholar of Tamil language. However, Samskrita  remains to be the most sacrosanct, most ancient means of communication throughout the history of entire existence.

Enormity of the primacy of Samskrita  is so thunderous, so conspicuous that anyone claiming to be the first in script or anything else, simply obscures into insignificance.

I hope, this article shall succeed in eradicating the cobweb of controversies in everyone’s mind forever.



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