GST : Government to build and modernise India

Congratulation to the govermoment of India for implementing the long awaited modern tax collection system, the GST.

I am confident that the people of India would willingly accept this system and feel proud to be part of India and its development.

The people of India must realise that gone are the days that Indians live in an isolated vast country only to be compared everything with Pakistan in all of India’s achievements.

Now the Indians have to compare and stand up to a mighty neighbouring country, China which has achieved tremendous achievement in a short period of 50 years. They were able to bring down their poverty level to less than 10% whereas India is still struggling to bring its poverty level below the current 40% level. China has achieved an incredible modernisation of their infrastructure and heavy industries resulting it to reach the 2nd spot of world trade indices.

How all these incredible achievements were materialized in a short period of 50 years. It is not due to any magic formulas or colonialisation of other countries by China; but because of hard work and sacrifices of people of the entire country who willingly followed their government’s directives sacrificing their individual human rights and free freedom which Indians enjoy lavishly.

All its achievements, China needed massive capital investment of trillions of Dollars which they were able to muster from its own peoples’ efforts without begging massive helps and aids from other rich countries.

Now India has introduced this current GST System which can generate huge sums of money which can be used by the government to build and modernise India into whatever level the Indians want their country to be reached. This is an opportunity for every Indian should be proud of that he or she is directly participating in building and defending the country’s freedom from external aggression. So Indians please take care of this golden opportunity which you missed thousands of years.

– Mohan Kesavan Puthuppully



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