China’s aim to split India towards their ambition of World domination

China will not attack India with its vast military might including the neuclear capability instead it will encourage to split India into 30 over smaller nations with the active help of certain political parties in India. China is bent on destroying the single mighty nation of India with the help of certain Indian political parties.

This split will be based on Indians’ inability to unify India as a single nation and currently devided into individual State’s based on language but this can further be split based on religious ethnicity.

Political parties like Congress and communist are with foreign ideologolies and they have nothing in common to be part of Indian civilisation and its Hindu religion. Most of its political leaders are there to make money by looting India’s wealth and then stash it way in foreign countries.

China is bent on dominating, first Asia and then eventually to dominate the world. They found India is a hindrance to their first ambition, as long as India remain as a huge nation with 1.3 billions, China knows that its first ambition would not be materialised..

So to get out of this situation only the Indians can do to build you country under the leadership of MODIJI.

– Mohan Kesavan Puthuppully



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