If you don’t want to be rejected, stop rejecting

If you reject and if you enjoy rejecting, then don’t be afraid of being rejected — because rejection will bring rejection.

You get only that which you give: the world simply echoes you. If people reject you, that simply means that you must be rejecting them. They simply react; they function like a mirror.

So if you don’t want to be rejected, stop rejecting.

It is such a simple thing: don’t reject! It is a vicious circle.

I can understand: you reject because you are afraid they may reject you. So it is better to reject from the very beginning — at least you have the upper hand, that you rejected first. So now there is no possibility of them rejecting you — you have already rejected them. But if you reject, then how can they accept? So you have created the possibility for them to reject you. Now you are in a vicious circle.

Because you are afraid of being rejected, you- are creating their rejection continuously. If you are really interested in being accepted by people, then stop rejecting!

Even if they reject, you stop rejecting. That is their problem — if they reject, that is their problem.

If you love, sometimes it is possible that they may reject you. They may be just like you — afraid that if they accept you, you may reject them. So they may reject you.

But how long can they reject? Once, twice, thrice — by and by, they will see that you go on loving them.

Even when they are rejecting you, you are not rejecting — so why should they reject?

Their fear will drop, they will start accepting you. You have to start it, otherwise your whole life will become a misery: And it is a simple thing….




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