Tarapith : A Rare Uttara Vahini Kshetra

“Goddess Tara Maa of Tarapith temple situated on the banks of the north flowing Dwarka River, at Birbhum, in West Bengal. Maa Tara, another form of Kali, has two hands, garlanded with snakes and is adorned in sacred threads. The temple is dedicated to the destructive aspect of Shiva, which takes the form of Kali. This is one of the most sacred places where every year several millions of devotees come to offer Puja.

Tarapith is regarded as a Mahapeeth and extremely holy place for all Hindus. It is said that wherever you are in this beautiful world, whatever be your religion, the kindness and blessings of Maa Tara will fulfill your desires and provide you relief from pain if any your heart and mind. This is the reason why every year millions of devotees gather at this place to offer Puja and prayers.

Kali is regarded as one of the principal deities of Bengal and is a powerful and complex Goddess with multiple forms. The Divine Goddess is manifested in many different forms, with various roles and personalities.

Various parts of Sati’s body are believed to have fallen on earth, in the course of Shiva’s Rudra Tandava and constitute the 51 Shakti Peethams all over residual India (Several that add up to the original 64 are no longer in what remains of India) .

While Tarapith is often not considered a “true” Shakti Peeth due to its rather curious omission from the list of sacred sites mentioned in the Mahapithanirupana, it is most certainly regarded as such in the realm of popular belief. For the masses of devotees who flock to this temple, Tarapith is where Sati’s third eye fell to the earth countless aeons ago.

Traditionally associated with both mystical vision and spiritual fire, the third eye is one of the most powerful attributes of the Great Goddess. The fact that Tarapith is believed to be the site where Sati’s third eye landed demonstrates the tremendous amount of respect and reverence accorded to this place by devotees of Maa Tara”.

– Courtesy Kishan Hattangadi



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