Sannyas means falling back into innocence of childhood again

Everybody is born capable; somewhere on the way we lose the capacity.

We change his gestalt: we try to focus him on things — money, power, prestige, ambition. By and by, we orient him towards matter; and his orientation towards the divine becomes more and more foggy, unclear, and is lost.

The child was natural, spontaneous, the child was living moment to moment, the child had an authenticity.

He was never false, he was never untrue; he would never deceive anybody. He had no politics, he was not yet a politician; he had his original face.

Watch the day that a child starts feeling ashamed of his nakedness: that is the day that the rift is happening.

That is the time when the child will fall from his divine innocence into human knowledge, into human calculation, human cleverness, cunningness. That is the meaning of the fruit of the tree of knowledge: the child has become a knower, now he knows.

And the most ancient meaning of the word ‘know’ is sexual. In the old books it is said ‘Adam knew his wife.’ The day a child becomes aware of his sexuality, knowledge has happened.

The day a child recognises that he is a boy or she is a girl, or that he is meant to be a boy, meant to be a girl, this way and that, and starts thinking of himself as a sexual being, the child has entered into knowledge.

All knowledge starts with sexual knowledge, all knowledge is based on sexual knowledge, and then innocence is no more there.

I am saying this to you because sannyas means falling back into that innocence again.

Sannyas means that we have known and recognised the fact that the society has corrupted us — now we will not allow the society to corrupt us any more. Now we will live out of innocence and not out of calculation.

That’s what sannyas is all about, that now we will trust rather than doubting. Even if we are deceived, it is worth it — but we will trust!

Once that commitment is made clearly and consciously, suddenly a change of gestalt.

Again you are no more focussed on matter — you are unfocussed from matter and your focus changes towards god. It is a sudden illumination, a satori.

Sannyas has infinite significance. It is not a change only of the clothes — it is a change of your inner being. It is a new dimension entering into a new world — new in a sense because you have forgotten about it, otherwise it is the same old world that you were born in.




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