A Facebook friend raised an interesting question about purpose / objective of education. I too went into deep contemplation, found myself submerged in an ocean of thoughts and possibilities.

When I conveyed the question to my venerable Gurudeva, He responded promptly. Purpose and objective of education were defined long ago.

It is hereasunder –

Asato Ma Sadgamayah  I
Tamaso Ma Jyotirgamayah  I
Mrtyurma Amrtam Gamayah  II

May we move from untruth to truth, vanities to virtues  I
May we move from the darkness of ignorance and delusion to the effulgence of discriminative wisdom  I
May we move from agonies of mortality to the bliss of immortality  I

That is the real purpose of education.

Becoming a doctor, nuclear scientist, actor… earning for a living and raising family… are merely important links to the ultimate goal of education.

If you are a doctor, be a SANNYASI  doctor; if you are a householder, be a SANNYASI  householder; if you are a businessman, be a SANNYASI  businessman; if you are housewife, be a SANNYASINI  housewife…

And that is the purpose and objective of human existence too.



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