Current dispute between USA & North Korea

The world and the U.S.A. must take the current God given opportunity to also curtail China’s current belligerent and dominant attitude towards all smaller countries in the world, by curtailing China’s current economic and military might so as to ensure that the world has only one World Super Power to reckon with which must be ruled by a democratically elected government with enough economic and military power in its hand and is willing to show compassion and also ready to help all the nations in the world whenever a help becomes necessary for each and every nation.

The communist China is currently allege to be heavily financing and helping the world Islamic fundamentalists all over the world, so as to ensure that various Islamic organizations keep a lid on Muslims living in China to ensure that they do not indulge in their usual Islamic suicide activities in China’s north west region.

It also occupy the democratic countries time and resources to fully employed in controlling the menace of Islamic terrorists thus not much time and resources to spent on China’s Communists clandestine activities in the world thus China very conveniently escape from all criticism.

The current World Order is in turmoil and unless China’s belligerent attitude is clipped, it will not be possible to achieve any meaningful new World Order as China with its economic clout as well as with a tacit understanding of E.U. countries controlled by GERMANY as Britain is out of E.U, China is indulging in a new world order to suit its own economic power.

China does not want any new World Order unless such world order is controlled and influenced by China through its economic control and manipulation in other smaller countries’ mg economy.

China consider itself is a big brother to all countries in the world except USA, Russia, India, U .K. and few other influential countries like South Africa; Brazil, Australia, E U. (Although India is a large country with a population of 1.3 billion, 0.2 billion less than of China, she is not willing to recognize India’s standing in the world and to co-operate with India on any matters, be it commerce, military, space, infrastructure; and even China is willing to finance every clandestine activities of Pakistan towards India. Like North Korea, Pakistan’s nuclear button is allegedly kept by Xi Jingping.

It is therefore important for the world to clip China’s might using the current dispute between U.S.A and North Korea, if this dispute does not come to an amicable conclusion to the satisfaction of the free world and U.S.A.

If this dispute turn into a major conflict or war it must be necessary for America and its NATO Allies to use very heavy military assets including nuclear and biological weapons which cannot be limited to the Korean soil but it must also be extended to the Chinese military and industrial complexes. (This scenario must therefore be brought to the attention of Chinese which may influence China to exert the necessary pressure on North Korea for her to come to the negotiating table to find an amicable solution for the current dispute, thus solving the current catastrophic situation the world now facing)

North Korea’s nuclear arsenal and the missile capabilities are solely the baby of China and the nuclear firing code may be under the control of China’s Xi jingping.

The current dispute between U S.A and North Korea is solely encouraged by China as China is concerned and worried that one day the two Koreas may get unified and it might then challenge China with the help of USA.and Japan and the present scenario is created so as to encourage the USA to destroy North Korea’s military arsenals of nuclear and its delivery system.

– Mohan Kesavan Puthuppully



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