Discomfort and complex for being ‘just a simple housewife’!

I chanced upon an old school friend last evening and as happy as we were ,we decided to meet up for lunch today…

Among the many things that we shared I was particularly struck at her discomfort and complex for being “just a simple housewife”!!

This is not a singular case and I have witnessed this time and again when women who choose to prioritise family life are disdained.

This presssure of proving a woman’s worth in ways more than one is the greatest bane of ” Feminism”

For Indian women who have been the most empowered race since Gargi or Maitreyi ..who have been hailed as devis in the form of mothers, daughters…talking of the westernised liberalism seems utterly foolish

The key word here is “choice”….the choice a woman should make as an individual to do what suits her best

Its become the norm for urban elite women to think ” what men can do, they can do better” … In their competitive urge to merely outdo a biologically and genetically different being they have done exactly the opposite of what they set out to do…. to find a equal footing on socio- political ground.

For heaven’s sake they have to understand women cant grow beards and men cant have babies !!

I have been on the other side of what feminism now stands for…. feminists in early 19th century started with equal voting rights , job opportunities, equal pay… but it gradually took a freaky turn by the late 20th century….

The real issues got lesser weight and bizzarre actions started to play to the galleries.

It has now started to look and please those they scorned and loathed…the nudists, the exhibitionists, the dimwits.

To my friend and many like her….

” Dear woman,
I am firstly an individual and its my ‘proud privilege’ to have babies, to nurture my home, to dress up to my hearts content, to cook, to be fragile and dainty (if I so want) …..

Its my “choice’ to work or not to, my wish to be someone that I want to….

And finally its my ‘decision’ whether or not to have an opinion on anything and everything !! “



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Sarita K Chamaria
Sarita.K. Chamaria M.A in English Literature Free lance writer Documentary script writer Lives in Kolkata

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