One person’s medicine is another person’s poison, so never compare

Q: I feel underlying sadness in everything, but there is no reason for it!

Osho Answers: Don’t make a problem out of it; it is not a problem at all. It is very very natural.

There are different wavelengths with people. For a few people, sadness is not a problem. In fact, it should not be called sadness as far as they are concerned: it is a kind of sobriety, it is a kind of calmness, quietude.

You can force yourself to come out of it but that will take effort and you will feel tired. Simply relax into it. This is perfectly okay; nothing is wrong in it.

One of the greatest problems that faces every human being is not to compare with others — otherwise you will create many problems.

Somebody has a great laugh and you start comparing: ‘I never laugh like that, so something must be wrong!’ But it may not be natural for you to laugh that way; only smiling may be natural to you. You can force the laughter; then you will destroy your smile.

People are so unique that nothing about you is comparable with anybody else.

So just look into yourself. My feeling is that your sadness is not sadness: it is just a kind of silence, a kind of at-ease inside you.

But when you see other people dancing and bubbling with joy, you start comparing — out of comparison, the problem.

Just think: if you are alone in the world and there is nobody else, will you call this sadness? You won’t… it is not!

Yes, good — you can talk to people and meet with people, but too long with them and you start feeling a little restlessness. In the crowd you feel you are missing something; alone with yourself, you feel happier.

Certainly your happiness will not become a belly-laughter — no; it will be at the most a smile, but that’s how it has to be with you.

One person’s medicine is another person’s poison… so never compare.

Just look inside: if things are going well and you are feeling okay, it is perfectly okay. Drop that idea!




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