Start learning the language of nature again


Start learning the language of nature again: talk to the trees and talk to the rivers and talk to the rocks. Start communing with nature… and that can be done in a thousand and one ways.

Every moment there is a possibility to do it; one just has to be heartfully in it.

Just saying a hello to a tree is enough, but it should come from the heart.

And sometimes even that is not needed, but just to stand by the side of the tree with closed eyes feeling the existence, the being of the tree. It has almost the same being as you have — a different form, but the essential is the same.

Touching a rock, you are touching a being.

Start opening these doors of perception.

Don’t remain confined to human beings; that’s an unnecessary bondage.

And the irony is that those who are not in tune with nature will not be in tune with man either. Those who are in tune with nature will be in tune with man too, because finally man is nothing but a fragment of nature, a kind of natural growth.

If you avoid nature, if you forget nature, if you are cut off from nature, if you are alienated from nature, naturally by and by you will be alienated from man himself and finally, ultimately, alienated from your own self.

That’s what has happened to the modern man: everybody has become a stranger in his own home!

This world is ours — it belongs to us and we belong to it — and we have become strangers.

We don’t understand its language, we don’t understand its rhythm, we don’t understand its pulse. We have become minds too much.




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