Two aspects of the appointment of Ms Sitharaman as DM

The appointment of Ms Sitharaman as the Def Minister has two aspects, One Political and another Professional.

As far as Political angle is concerned Modiji realises that in todays India women are becoming self reliant and vote with independent mind. So putting Sitharaman as the DM will surely send a strong message of WOMEN EMPOWERMENT which may Also help in next forthcoming elections. But at the same time, Modiji has done no favours to her because SHE DESERVES THAT POSITION AND STATUS.

Two, As regards Professional aspect. Ms Sitharaman has an MPhil from JNU the premier institute as far as ECONOMICS is concerned and has also been in the Ministry of Finance for last 3 years. We must understand that DM does not make a strategy or gets involved in the day to day functioning of the armed forces. A Country which could have Babu Jagjivan Ram, Sharad Pawar, Chavan, Venkatraman and eccentric VP Singh and above all AK ANthony as DMs we can have Sitharaman also. However, She is taking over at a time when India is set to take a huge leap in self-reliance and indigenisation of defence armaments and bringing far-reaching reforms in the armed forces.

For many many years the basic problem that has plagued the Armed forces because of incompetent DMs is the Procurement process. The scams in def deals became too many and too frequent which derailed the entire procurement process and as a result delayed the Modernisation of armed forces. Now that the procurement process has been stream lined by Mr Parrikar, She has to ensure that there is a Continuity particularly when India has to face many geo political challenges.

“I also hope that, she pushes the Govt of India and roll out India’s ‘National Security Vision’ that will spell out the country’s strategic vision and defence needs. Because till now No Indian Govt has ever done this.



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