Reservation : Don’t make it necessary Evil

Hon. Union Minister Shri Ramdas Athawale has demanded 25% reservation for backwards / deprived in Rajya Sabha and Union Cabinet.

Hon. Minister has got his figures totally wrong. After 70 years of reservation, country has now matured to go for 100% reservation for SC/ST/OBCs in one go. Since reservation hitherto, has probably failed to satisfy ‘Oliver Twist Asks For More’ as conceptualised by a crazy British author Charles Dickens, 100% reservation is need of the hour.

If majority in the country collectively decides, let the nation go to hell, we all must ensure, nation should / must go to hell.

So-called Savarna-s should be very clear about just two options available before them. Either migrate abroad or commit suicide. No more they enjoy any privilege to live and die in this country.



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