Tat Twam Asi : Start Getting Absorbed


‘Tat Twam Asi’, intellectually there is no way to understand it; it has nothing to do with intellect and it is not a philosophical statement. It is just an exclamation, a realisation.

It is not a theory — it has no logic behind it; it is very illogical but it is an experience, an existential moment when you see it as: ‘That Art Thou’.

It is a realisation that you are not separate from existence. ‘That’ means the existence; you and the existence that surrounds you are not separate.

But this is an experience; there is no way to understand it intellectually.

Intellectually you are separate… in fact it is intellect that makes you separate, so how can you understand it intellectually? It is asking the very disease to prescribe the medicine. It is intellect that makes us separate.

When you are deep in your sleep, you are ‘Tat Twam Asi’. You don’t know you are separate; you are that, that is you.

When you are awake and intellectually functioning it is very difficult to think that you are that. How can you be this rock and how can you be this tree and how can you be me? You are certainly separate. If I am killed you will not be killed; if I die the whole existence is not going to die, so how can you be one with it? You are certainly separate.

Intellect creates separation, so intellect is the instrument to separate thou from that.

Now you are trying the absurd: you are trying to understand intellectually; then it becomes just a philosophy. Even if you understand intellectually it is of no use.

Intellectual understanding is not an understanding at all. The only understanding that can be called understanding is non-intellectual, intuitive.

Get absorbed in things.

Sometimes dancing, become the dance and you will know.

Not that somebody will shout at you ‘Tat Twam Asi’… not that it will come like that statement written somewhere inside your mind. No god is going to give it to you as a commandment, nothing will happen, but you will simply know.

So start getting absorbed; that is my suggestion.




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