The Knowledge Book : Tears are positive foams cleansing our negative feelings

As frequencies are raised, a medium of criticism is created at that moment; to prevent the person in question from soaring too rapidly; and to make him/her get used to the currents gradually. Criticism and blamings pull the frequency down and prevent the person from burning out.

– Human beings evolve by means of their opposites.

– Evolvement means advancing step by step – passing each threshold.

– Every experienced distress is a threshold for the staircase of happiness. Unless you pass over that threshold, you cannot attain liberation.

– The “exams” of friends who have discovered their inner-selves are more intense so that they can undertake a mission.

– Missions are allotted to those who do not swerve from their chosen path, despite all pressures.

– We cannot pass from one dimension to the other, unless we are prepared.

– Each truth has been born through doubts.

– The most powerful peak of a cell is between the ages of 29 and 30 years (when one full Saturn cycle is over). When 30 world years are reached, the process of Cell Freezing is applied. From then on that person can become immortal by living in that same age. (This is the potential.)

– The human brain is such a sensitive device that if we were to remember our entire history, we will annihilate ourselves.

– An awakened person should wake up at least 5 people. This is the minimum duty. The maximum duties are infinite.

– Tears are positive foams cleansing our negative feelings.

– Our training and evolvement happens as a result of struggle within ourselves.

– We can never think of something which doesn’t exist.

– In healing, you help those who have lower frequencies than you.

– The knowledge already known, is not beneficial for mankind anymore.

– The prayer beads accumulate the electricity generated from the fingers.

– A healthy person doesn’t go to the doctor for medicines/ advice, only a sick one goes. It is all need-based. Similarly, those who pray, need to pray. Those who meditate, need to meditate. Those who read the religious books, need their vibrations to be cleansed. Those who are completely well do not need these medicines anymore.

– It is easy to become a saint, but very difficult to become a genuine human being.

– A genuine human being carries genuine tolerance, genuine love, and genuine humility in his/ her essence.

– When you can embrace even your enemy with love; when you can offer your food to another – even if you are hungry; when you can ask forgiveness from the very soil upon which you walk, you become a genuine human being.

– Religion keeps us in a state of lethargy – too dependent upon God.

– In the 21st Century, the time of flattery has been terminated and involvement has gained speed.



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