Nationalism Must Reign Supreme

modi-demonitization-making-indiaPM Modi

Hon. Prime Minister,
Namo Namaha.

Stand of (Anti-)National Human Rights Commission to support human rights of Rohingyas in a petition filed in Supreme Court is extremely unfortunate and shocking. We were familiar hitherto with two arms of Govt. litigating in courts like fools for years over various issues but this one is quite a unique phenomenon. In this disgusting instance, an autonomous Govt. body goes against country’s Govt. in favour of infiltrators / despots !!!! It is an extreme provocation that no other country would tolerate by any means. In a country like China, NHRC would have probably disappeared into a Black Hole within 24 hrs. lock, stock and barrel. Conduct of NHRC has prompted me to appeal to you Mr. Prime Minister, be authoritarian, be dictatorial to smash such anti-national bodies, whether private or Government, into smithereens.

Why are Govt. not telling Supreme Court officially, what moral authority do they enjoy to entertain a petition in favour of Burmese infiltrators when they declined to take up petition over Kashmiri Hindu exiles ? Have they listened to ferocious fulminations of a lunatic Maulana spewing venom and fire in Kolikata recently, in front of a massive crowd over Burmese infiltrators ? Why are these “Laat-Sahibs” not told sternly to mind their Constitutional business within limits of the Constitution ?

Speech of MEA at 72nd UNGA was probably the sternest possible in history. It was an avalanche of verbal missiles over Pakistan and she deserves to be generously complimented for that. However Mr. Prime Minister, does it not amount to telling a man-eating wild beast, “Hey mate, you are a bad carnivore. Mend your ways, people are watching you” ?? Are these bold speeches really going to obliterate Jinnah’s DNA from the face of this Planet ? Pakistan should be shattered into pieces irrespective of any amount of Pakistani blood-bath as infiltration continues, they continuously justify those diabolical actions brazenly and we continue losing our precious / invaluable soldiers.

Your recent serial interactions with bureaucrats was a novel exercise. One of those was attended by a relative of mine and she gave an interesting account of those interactions. Unfortunately, bureaucrats are unable to state their “Mann Ki Baat” as well as provide real picture on the ground in these meetings owing to various reasons.

To ferret out what they have in their minds, you may have to commit “Abhaya-Daan” unto them before they agree to expose realities behind the podium. Or you may have to hold “Open House” frequently and allow them “Free For All” the way Russy Hormusji Mody used to conduct in Jamshedpur as CMD of TISCO and proved himself to be one of the best Man-Managers country had seen. How else Govt. shall know, 2% is the “Minimum Jayanti GST ” that every IAS is entitled to, in the “Holy” state of UP?

How else Govt. shall know, “Singh” is the most sought-after Keyword in that state when it comes to state patronage / postings / transfers / promotions leaving far behind Guru-Chela duo of Arjun / Digvijaya “Singhs” causing intense frustration among bureaucrats ? UP / Bihar / Bengal are difficult states destroyed primarily by their residents while Netas appear much later in the queue to take the blame. It is ironical, when these people migrate to west / south, they behave and work wonderfully well only because reins of power do not rest in their hands.

So the logical conclusion is that, these three states must be ruled over by leaders from other states and nowhere in the country, should they be allowed any position of power !! Happenings at the state level appear to be vastly different from the central one. If you do not wish bureaucrats to work in silos as you said, then kindly tell them all, not to suffix their names with “IAS” / “IPS” everywhere. Kindly tell retired diplomats of IFS cadre not to prefix their names with the title “Amb.” !!! It shall be a beginning of your idea of “bureaucrats out of their air-conditioned silos” !!

University politics / campus elections must be immediately banned across the country. Educational institutions must remain educational institutions and Communists / Congress must not be allowed to destroy them under any circumstance. They have converted Universities / Colleges into ‘Sedition-centres’.

You have been exerting your best efforts, resisting a huge army of anti-national forces planted in every crevice and corner of the country while carrying the nation forward. No world-leader is anywhere near you at the moment when it comes to statesmanship. Your efforts / struggle are highly commendable, Mr. Prime Minister. I wish to see you as nation’s PM for the rest of your life.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari



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