The Knowledge Book : Energy transfers open our brain codes

Some quotes from The Knowledge Book

– There are three levels of evolvement – no worship, no superiority, no passions. Then you are pure Spirit, pure Energy, pure Essence. Then there is no difference between you and the pre-eminent ones. Then your thought boundary reaches “UNITY”.

– At the stage of “unity”, not being reverent to Pre-Eminent Ones is not considered as failing to show due respect. The reason is the Equivalent measurement of the scales.

– Our conditioning is the barbed wire that keeps us in a cage. In order to be free, let go of the conditioning.

– The EYE of the Essence is your I AM Presence.

– Ask about your own selves, only to your own selves, not to others. Only then will you hear the voice of your Essence. After that you will not have anymore curiosity (questions), and you will walk consciously on the Genuine Path.

– If you are left with no curiosity at all; know that you are integrated. If you ask about yourself to others, you are still immature. And it’s okay to be that.

– First flow into yourself – your Essence; only then try to understand other human beings.

– If you cannot solve yourself, you cannot understand and solve others.

– If you cannot see your own Essence, you cannot see others’ Essence.

– First know yourself, later search and find your Lord.

– The Knowledge Book is a guide for those who will enter the land of Eagles.
– The path of learning is not single. In the course of time, all scientific data can be easily refuted.

– Almost all the Light-Prophets are “mother” in their essence, because they are creative and productive.

– The person who finds his/her own self is the one who works the miracles.

– The events we experience are the exams of our patience.

– Every awareness cannot bear the knowledge of his/her past. This requires strength and courage.

– Unless we overcome our egos and fears, we cannot penetrate our Essence.

– When our consciousness penetrates our Essence, the Eye of the Essence opens; and we are appointed to serve the Path of Truth.

– Those who have been selected to serve the Path of Truth, automatically find each other.

– Resurrection means the resurrecting of consciousness; of conscience; and of Essence.

– Ascension is progression of consciousness.

– The 21st Century will see everyone being a support to each other rather than being an obstacle.

– A Truth settles down in the mind, only if it is repeated a thousand times.

– Have the maturity to not deny the things you do not know.

– “OM” is the Highest Frequency.

– “Graduation” means gradually reaching the Gateway of Immortality.

– Energy transfers open our brain codes.

– Mankind, the most perfect living entity, is the Light of ALL Universes. Mankind’s power lies in mentally transcending the Dimensions.

Some food advice from The Knowledge Book –

– Cook your own food yourself to value how a plate of food is made.

– The taste of food is different for every mouth. Only the one who cooks can feel it’s true taste.



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