Your whole kingdom is worth nothing more than a glass of water! : Osho

Osho says- I talk about spontaneity, but to achieve that spontaneity, one has to pass through years of training and discipline.

That spontaneity is not available right now. Right now if you become spontaneous, you will just be a victim of the lower self, the instinctive.

Then you will not be rising higher in your consciousness, and you will not become integrated. On the contrary, you may just become a driftwood.

I was just reading about a great a king, Harun-al-Rashid. He had a buffoon in the court, as was the custom in the old courts.

He asked the buffoon, ‘Don’t you sometimes think that it would be good if you could become an emperor yourself?’

The buffoon said, ‘No, never. I have never even dreamt about it. Nobody can tell me that I have ever been greedy in that respect.’

Harun-al-Rashid said, ‘Why? Everybody wants to be somebody.’

The buffoon said, ‘Think of yourself in a desert, thirsty for one glass of water. How much will you be ready to give?’

Harun said, ‘I will give half my kingdom.’

And the buffoon said, ‘If you are not satisfied and another glass is needed, and the same price is asked, what are you going to do?’

Harun said, ‘I will give the other half.’

The buffoon laughed and said, ‘So your whole kingdom is worth nothing more than a glass of water!’

So Message of Osho –

All that we achieve in life is dreamstuff, unless you come across something — something which is deathless and which death cannot destroy.

But to come to that, one has to work hard. It is an uphill task. So don’t remain just interested — move into it.

Whenever a good interest is there, do something to materialise it.


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