Margdarshak Mandal

Hon. Prime Minister,
NaMo Namaha.

An elderly ‘Margadarshak Of India’ went berserk, succeeded in agitating so many minds, so much noise and dust kicked up just for nothing! And he did not do that for the first time. Multi-crore question challenging the nation is, why should the country react to such silly fulminations, why should FM stoop low to react and waste his precious time and attention after that, what’s the point in swinging from one extreme of Margadarshak Mandal having members either clueless about the socio-economic transition or stunned / dazed beholding rapid transformational structural reforms that the nation is undergoing, to the other extreme of an economic advisory council headed by a professional economist stirring his Cerebrum to get the best out of dubious legacy bequeathed by ‘Heroes Of Policy Paralysis’ of the era bygone?

I am indeed clueless, as to how an elderly ‘Margadarshak Of India’ can call ‘labour pain’ a crisis when even a caesarean does not agitate so much alarming concern and the pain finally delivers a bright new life !!

Government by now should be used to such behavioral aberrations by ‘Great Souls Of India’ by ignoring the way they deserve to be. Reply submitted by glorious son of the elderly ‘Margadarshak Of India’ was a pragmatic move and the matter should have been left at that.

Why can’t our Honourable Ministers emulate your thundering silence on such silly / funny / trivial issues and avoid the avoidable brouhaha, Mr. Prime Minister! If it is feasible, kindly disband Margadarshak Mandal as nobody in the country knows what they do everyday and what they should do the whole day. Quite possible, even you may not be knowing all that in spite of being our Hon. Prime Minister!

Is it possible to digitalise Central Admn. Tribunals into grievance portals wherein complaints may be lodged, departmental probe conducted and grievances addressed immediately? It may be a replacement of huge tribunal establishments involving heavy expenses and delays. If such a portal evolves, even digital ‘Open Forum’ may also be conducted to improve performance and output of Government employees.

Even a digital portal of grievances may be created for Hon. Members of the Margadarshak Mandal should you decide owing to some compulsive reason not to disband the Mandal at all.

With best regards,
Ramakant Tiwari



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