My 15 lakhs have been recovered – how about yours?

modi effect australia to ban 100 dollar

My 15 lakhs have been recovered… How! Let’s say …When Zakir Naik left the country and ran away, his property worth crores was seized, which will be used for country.

By demonetization when 500 and 1000 rupee notes of separatists turned into scrap and Dawood’s Financer committed suicide by jumping from the tower.

And when Farzi Babas like Ram Raheem and Rampal got jail.

When Dawood’s property worth 35,000 crores in Dubai and 42,000 crores in London was seized.

At that time also when NIA linked funding to separatists with the Pakistan.

The dead body of militants started piling up.

When meat businessman Moin Quraishi was put in jail.

And Of Course when Sadhvi Pragya was released.

When the patriot Colonel Purohit was released from jail.

Because the missionaries and NGOs spreading anarchy from foreign funds, were nailed.

This time when the voice of ousting Rohingya Muslims living in India is raised in this government.

When the three divorces and halal custom in Muslim society is opposed in this government.

PM and Chief Ministers started worshiping Navratri instead of others hiding themselves previously.

When China retreated ‘Dokalam’, and licked it’s spit.

Apart from these 15 achievements, 115 can be counted. Not even a scam. There was no political or economic scandal even during Vajpayee’s era. So much more ..But my 15 lakhs have been recovered out of above only and whatever comes ahead will be interest and bonus.

Why does government buy Petrol in 30 and sells in 70s then also ask why government sells wheat at Rs 2 after buying at 16 rupees?

Kerosene bought for 50 is sold for 15 ? Why 40 rupees Sugar sold for 26?

Children are taught for free after paying teachers lakhs in salaries.

Why to make 60 lakhs toilet free of cost. Why 3 crore gas stove free for people.

These kind of questions are raised by those whose sons are having bikes worth 2 lakhs of price with mileage of 15 per litre. Nehru can be uncle, Mayawati can be Behan, Mamta can be didi, Jayalalitha can be amma, worst Sonia Gandhi can be Bahu but Modi cannot be the Son of India. The problem is not Petrol price or else but the fact that Traitors are not able to crack their power crisis.

– Courtesy Francois Gautier



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