Darshan Diary : Myth and Mythology

The more I see myself, the more I see the other.
The more I see the other, the more I see myself.
This is Darshan. It makes us a Seer.

Darshan is a Sanskrit word which means philosophy or worldview. It also means observing the subject who is observing his subjective reality or observing the act of observation.

More the Darshan, more expanded the world-view.

More expanded the world-view; more expanded the consciousness.

Our job as humans is to expand our world-view in order to expand our consciousness – and that can happen only when we share our subjective reality.

Subjective reality is also known as “Myth”, because it doesn’t exist for anyone other than the subject. That’s the root of Mythology. It’s only true for the one who is experiencing it; for the rest it is a myth. (Myth is the root for Mythya or untruth. One person’s truth can very well be another person’s untruth.)

However, our collective ‘myths’ help us expand our world-view. By accepting others’ subjective reality, we expand the scope of reality.

Narrow-mindedness, on the other hand, leads to limited drishti. It keeps us imprisoned in our smallness, where we believe in only one way of being. And want to enforce that way of being by hook or by crook.



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