How will you know that your Inner Child wounds have healed?

As I asked someone to connect with the ‘cry baby’ inside, I sat down connecting with mine.

I wasn’t a cry baby as a child. I was a fun child. Making fun of other cry-babies of the family.

I didn’t cry much as an adult either. My life was too joyful for that.

My crying was only associated with leaving my loved ones. I cried when leaving home at the age of 14. I cried every time I left my mother – for a long long time – until her last few years. I cried when I had to be away from my boy-friend, thanks to our jobs. I cried copiously when I had to be separated from my husband, thanks to his job. I cried – almost incessantly – when our sons were in a boarding school for I knew that they were unhappy being there.

My ‘cry baby’ times came much later. I cried for my broken heart – many times over. My tears have a way of welling up and flowing, every time my heart-wound is touched. The flow has reduced greatly as of now; but yet, one can never say.

I honour my tears. My tears have helped greatly in cleansing my soul.
A healed Inner Child is an essential aspect of a WHOLE individual. You will know that you have become whole when you stop looking for a surrogate parent in your spouse, siblings, friends, relatives, boss, guru, teacher or coach.

When you become confident of parenting your own Inner Child with awareness, with care, with suitable boundaries, and with compassion.

When you allow your Inner Child to exhibit child-like qualities of looking at everything/ everyone with innocence, trust, awe, curiosity, and excitement – knowing that the adult in you is on watch.

It’s only some rare individuals who have consciously healed their Inner Child.

Do you feel that an emotionally wounded inner child inhabits your adult body?

Is there a hurt, angry, fearful little boy or girl running the show inside you?

Do you feel like a little boy or girl who has been sent out into the world to do an adult man/woman’s job?

Do you look for parental supervision, protection, structure and support even as an adult?

Are you a psychological adult or just a chronological adult?

Do you constantly want others to fulfill your need for love and approval?

Our honests answers to these questions help us connect with our Inner Child.



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