How does moon affect my energies?

How does moon affect my energies? What am I supposed to know about moon?

Moon is a powerful station of vibrant beings who affect Earthlings’ moods and desires. Pay attention to your moods and desires in relationship with moon cycles. Experiment with it. Observe yourself. What do you feel when you look at the moon? These feelings are the feminine aspect of your energy. Feel it fully and balance it with the help of moon.

Also be conscious of your thoughts while observing the moon. Know that these are seeds that you are planting in the fertile soil of your masculine mind.

Mind is always masculine – whether in males or in females. Balance its energy with the feminine energy of your Soul – which is always feminine whether in a male body or in a female body. Create this balance with the help of moon.

Soul doesn’t have a gender, but its energy is always feminine. Combined with the masculine mind, it creates a wholeness/ balance.



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