SC banned firecrackers : Right decisions are imposed on Hindus ONLY!

SC banned firecrackers : I congratulate Black-Gowned ‘Laat-Sahibs’ of Supreme Court who banned sale of firecrackers in Delhi as NCR of Delhi is already highly polluted.

Animal slaughter on the day of Bakrid causes air / water pollution throughout Cosmos, not just in NCR of Delhi !! American spacecraft Cassini recently discovered animal bones / blood flowing on the surface of Planet Saturn, dashed itself on the Planet surface in sheer disgust and committed suicide !!!

However, ‘Laat-Sahibs’ of Supreme Court of India have not condescended to initiate suo moto action against animal slaughter on Bakrid. They do not appear to possess guts to do that even as their fingers trembled while passing judgement on the issue of Triple Talaq. When the judgement should have gone 5-0 against TT, it was mercifully 3-2 !!!! Saving grace, indeed.

Black-Gowned ‘Laat-Sahibs’ of Supreme Court of India have admitted a petition to probe into “Mahatma’s” assassination in 1948 !! So early, so soon !! And petition against Kashmiri Hindus being banished from J&K in 1989 was found to be outdated !! What sort of Judicial Wisdom is this ???

Very right, very matured decisions they take.
Right decisions are imposed on Hindus ONLY.
However, they are NOT communal !!

SC banned firecrackers : To read more articles of Mr Ramakant Tiwari please click the link

सुप्रीम कोर्ट द्वारा दिवाली पर पटाखों के ban पर लिखे हिन्दी लेख पढने के लिए नीचे दिए लिंक पर क्लिक करें – To Read More Articles in Hindi on SC banned firecrackers click following links

दहीहांडी में बच्चों की चोट महसूस होती है, मुहर्रम में ख़ून बहाते लोगों पर दिल नहीं पसीजता!

दीपावली पर पटाखे प्रतिबंधित : क़ानूनपालिका को कानून से ही बाध्य करें

पटाखों पर सुप्रीम कोर्ट का बैन, क्रिसमस-न्यू इयर पर फोड़े जा सकेंगे

मैं इतना दु:स्साहसी कहाँ, जो ये सुझाव देकर कहलाऊँ देशद्रोही-वामी-हिन्दू विरोधी!

दीवाली पर 50 लाख पटाखे : आख़िर सुप्रीम कोर्ट कैसे जारी करता है ऐसे वाहियात फ़ैसले/ निर्देश?



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