Inspiration Vs Motivation

Majority of people are unable to distinguish Inspiration from Motivation.

Hereinasunder is the way how to go about –

Inspiration is internal while motivation, external.

Inspiration is impulsion to initiate while motivation, propulsion to act.

Inspiration is a virtue while motivation, vanity.

Inspiration is spiritual in nature while motivation, materialistic in disposition.

Inspiration is for a great cause while motivation, for petty gains.

Inspiration is universal in characteristics while motivation, egoic.

Inspiration is devoid of Ahamkara while motivation, imbued with Ahamkara.

Inspiration mostly leads to Niskama-Karma while motivation, Sakama-Karma.

Inspiration sustains itself while motivation, requires to be rejuvenated often.

Inspiration is for a noble cause while motivation, may be for even criminal acts.

Inspiration is capable of producing legends while motivation, short-term achievers.

Inspiration is never caused by inducement, enticement, incentive etc. while motivation, does.

Finally, source of inspiration is within ourselves while that of motivation, from outside.



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