A rebellious man is most blissful man in the world, but a reactionary not : Osho

In reaction you just go to the opposite extreme

In fact the same society that you are thinking you are revolting against goes on controlling you in a negative way. It decides what you should do. If the society expects this, you will not do this.

You will do just the opposite — but the opposite is decided by the society.

If the society says, ‘Don’t do this,’ and you do it, then too, the society has been too important to you because it has decided your action by saying not to do it. This is reaction.

Reaction appears to be like a rebellion, but it is not.

It is a pseudo-rebellion, a false coin, a counterfeit, and it can never be satisfying. Again and again you will feel that you have been against the society, but you have not been able to get rid of it.

It is said of Mulla Nasrudin, that from his very childhood he was thought to be a difficult child; they called him contrary.

If you say to him ‘Sit down’ he will not sit down. If you want him to sit down, tell him to stand — and immediately he will sit down. Contrary.

One day he was crossing a small stream with his father. On his donkey they had loaded bags of sugar, which were leaning too much to the right and there was fear that they might fall into the river.

The father wanted to say, ‘Balance them — pull the bags to the left, but then the contrary mind of Mulla Nasrudin would do just the opposite; he would pull the bags to the right. Then they would fall into the river sooner than they would have done.

So the father said, ‘Pull the bags to the right, Nasrudin. They are going to fall to the left side.’

He knew that he would pull from the left just to go against him. But this time something happened. Nasrudin pulled to the right, and all the bags fell in!

The father said, ‘What have you done? This is not like you!’

Nasrudin said, ‘Am I just going to be a reactionary all my life? By telling me to pull to the right, you want me to pull to the left? Now I am an adult. You have forgotten that today I completed my twenty-one years!’

Become an adult now. You revolted — you thought you revolted, but it is not a real revolution, otherwise you would have been tremendously happy.

A rebellious man is the most blissful man in the world, but a reactionary is not.




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