TAJMAHAL monument : Worth visiting, not inspirational

TAJMAHAL is a monument– nothing more nothing less- it may be worth visiting but it can’t be inspirational.

Yesterday, at night, I was surfing the channels on my television, a news piece on AAJTAK about our own Tajmahal caught my attention. Mr punya Prasun Vajpayee was anchoring and the piece was running in his backyard and the reporter, while analysing the news, was in so angst against the detractors of TAJ (read sangeet som & company) that I felt sympathetic for that reporter for a while because I suspected that he might vomit blood in angst against Mr som and a question suddenly came in my mind. Where these reporters hide when something comes in news related with attack on the truth and beliefs of majority in India?

When pseudo-seculars are being answered in their very own language (remember Lord Ram doesn’t exist, there is nothing like Ram-setu blah, blah, blah), why they are running Helter-skelter?

Just asking? Any friend! who has the proof that Shahjahan had built Taj for the love of Mumtaz or is it the very knowledge that is being passed to us from generations by the historians! Don’t forget that writing of history was, in majority of cases during sultanate and Mughal period, at the mercy of rulers of that time.

For example, eminent historians of modern times, on one hand, reject the valour of Prithviraj Chauhan (his prowess for SHABDBHEDHI arrows), Maharana pratap, Rani Lakshmibai (there is much debate about Lakshmibai’s bravery-whether she was KHOOB LADI MARDANI or she was an escapist), Mahoba’s Valiant warriors Alha, Udal, Malkhan etc. and on.

One hand they start thumping their chests when people question about the monuments, beliefs and traditions of some other religion than Hinduism-why this dual mindset. People with some vested interests always start hullabaloo when they are questioned but in their own cases (which is profitable for pushing their own agenda or propaganda), they start the theory of ‘crushing the idea of freedom of expression’– this is not acceptable my dear so called intellectuals!

One thing more, these Sangeet Som type of man are good for nothing! My dear! Please do some work for people’s development in your area. Tajmahal may not be our legacy but it is our history and we can’t deny it. Overall, Mughals and Islamic rulers had given so much to wonder and to be proud of!

Mr.Som! Don’t behave like a nerd! Be proud of your majestic history whether it had been built by a Hindu Raja or an Islamic ruler. You are a leader of masses and as your people claim, a member of a party with a difference. How will you differentiate between you and the party which has ruled us on the ideology of pseudo secularism, divide and rule (aptly nurtured in their genes as it was founded by an Englishman), appeasement of some caste and creed for their vested interests?
Come on, be a leader with a difference, and yes, must give befitting reply to them who want to contort the truth, beliefs of ours, in our very own BHARATVARSHA with your prudence and not with your venomous hate speech.

Vaishwanar Pathak



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