The more you give, the more you will get : Osho

Share whatsoever you know and want to share. It is always good to share, because the more you share, the more you know.

By sharing, all that is beautiful grows… and it grows only by sharing.

Sharing is a method to help it grow. So never be a miser about what you know… just be a spendthrift. The more you give, the more you will get.

It happens almost always that in worldly affairs the law is just the reverse: if you give too much you become poorer and poorer. In the ordinary world one has to hoard and be a little miserly, otherwise you never have anything.

In the spiritual world just the reverse is the law: the more you hoard, the less you have. The more you share, the more you have.

People who share have more, and they continuously get more and more. People who hoard, shrink… a subtle death happens inside them.

They become like rocks, insensitive. They live just on the periphery. Nothing can be given to them because they don’t have any space to hoard it. Out of fear they have shrunken.

When you share, you open like a flower… all the petals open. When you don’t share, you are like a frozen bud, closed… caved into yourself.

Life is in relationships — it is not in being an island.

It is being related in as many ways as possible. You will have a greater life if you have a greater network of relationships all around you.

If you can be related to infinite points around you — to trees, to rocks, to rivers, to stars, to men, to women, to children, animals, birds — the bigger is your relationship, the greater your life.

A person dies if he is alone. If he is related, he spreads into his relationships and never dies — never dies. He continues to live in millions of ways.

So before one disappears one has to spread one’s being, so much so that it becomes part of existence.




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