Excerpts of Jennifer Hoffman’s Energy Report for November

“November is an 11 month and 2017 is a 1 year so we have 111 energy all month, together with 5 days where that energy is magnified, on November 1, 10, 11, 19, and 29. It’s a power month with a lot of power days, in a power year.

Let’s begin with November’s keywords of self esteem and self awareness and what they mean to us now.

Esteem is a measure of the love, honor, and respect we give to someone or some thing.

Self esteem is a measure of how we love, honor, and respect ourselves.

While we want others to hold us in high esteem, we don’t always realize that they can only give us as much as we give it to ourselves. Others merely mirror the level of qualities we hold within ourselves.

The irony is that we wish to hold others in ‘high esteem’ while being our most negative critic and toxic judge.

The fact is that we cannot hold anyone at a higher level of esteem than we hold ourselves, hence, whatever or whomever we put on a pedestal will eventually fall off of it.

Similarly, so often we blame ourselves when others don’t love, honor, and respect us but the fact remains that people cannot value someone whom they believe shines more brightly than they do.

Also, no one can esteem something that is not valuable to them. Your light, energy, and power are not valuable or held in esteem by the person who wants to stay in the dark, density, and disempowerment of their own victim consciousness.

At the same time we cannot simply demand our power back from others without making the necessary internal energetic adjustments that are needed to create space for it.

Paradigm of connection, collaboration, community and cooperation cannot co-exist within an environment that demands total control, domination, subservience, and power.

The tables have turned, we are entering the Light Age as Light Beacons and it’s our time to shine.

Through our willingness to shine we have made our choices and now we have a chorus of voices and a field of light where we once had small voices speaking and a few lights scattered across a broad expanse of darkness.

November can be a great month for transformation – the opportunities will be there – but it’s not going to be easy or resistance free.

Dense energies would put up a fight and throw everything they have at us which, on one hand, looks desperate because it is, and on the other hand is serving to bring us closer together, which is what we must do to collectively bring this phase to completion.

Let us usher in the peace, joy, love, and prosperity of the Light Age. Have a wonderful month.”



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