MAYA : Play it willingly, What will you do if you stop it? Even God cannot stop it!

[A sannyasin says: I seem to like problems… I seem to always manage to create them… but the trouble is I can’t stop it]

No, no, I’m not saying to stop it. Create problems and enjoy it, but know it is you who is creating them. It is your game, so play it.

Nothing is wrong in it if you play knowingly. Everything is a game. If you play it knowingly you are not affected by it.

You like creating problems and solving them, very good… very intelligent (laughter). Create bigger problems and more complicated so that it becomes more and more difficult to solve them.

In English we translate the Indian word ‘maya’ as illusion. It comes from the latin root ‘ludere’ which means to play with, a game. The English word ‘illusion’ means playing a game. It does not mean the unreal, but simply to play a game. That is exactly the meaning of ‘maya’ — to play a game.

So play it willingly. I am not saying to stop it. What will you do if you stop it? Even God cannot stop it! (laughter)

But have good and beautiful games. You are the creator — why not have beautiful and more aesthetic games? Enjoy decorating them and making them more complicated.

Make them so complicated that even you cannot solve them — and you have made them! Do it deliberately. The whole thing is how to do things deliberately.

For example somebody stutters. I tell him to do it deliberately, consciously, to stutter more, to exaggerate it. It happened once that a student was brought to me and I told him to do it deliberately and he couldn’t. He tried hard but he couldn’t.

Once you start enjoying a problem, you have already killed it because the whole thing was that the problem was heavy on you. It was creating trouble for you.

Now you are enjoying it so the trouble is no more there. You have taken away the very ground and the problem will be dangling in a vacuum… it will fall by itself.




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